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Melissa Mesku
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Tell us about your background in tech or entrepreneurship, and what brought you to NYC.

It was a random chain of events. I was a teacher and came here to kill time before starting a professorship in Saudi Arabia. While waiting for my visa, I started freelancing for the first time. By the time the visa finally came, I was hooked on freelancing and decided to stay here. Freelancing made me pick up other skills; that’s how I became a front end designer/developer. It also made me lonely, which is why I tried out coworking and started going to Meetups. That led me to the entrepreneur community in NYC, which led me to starting my own business, Pure Cure Dental Technology.

We should treat coworking like dating: anyone can look cool online, but you don’t know if they’re any good until you spend some time with them.

Tell us about what New Worker Magazine is and what inspired you to start it.

New Worker Magazine is for and by people who are navigating the future of work. It’s the publication of the global community of “coworkers” (people who work from coworking spaces). The magazine seeks to demystify the what, why, and how of independent and creative work. “Work” sounds like it could be an awfully boring topic, but it is our work that has the greatest power to transform the world, and our own lives. If you work from a coworking space, definitely reach out so we can give you a chance to tell your story to a global audience.

If there’s one article that our members should read from New Worker Magazine, what would it be?

Our most popular article this month is “In defense of not using my degree.” It’s an essay by a female engineer that decided she didn’t want to pursue engineering after all, explaining why she’d rather struggle than have a high-paying prestigious job she didn’t love.

Say I’m a freelancer who has been working from home, and I’m looking for a coworking space.  What types of things should I be looking for?  How should I go about deciding which coworking space I am going to work out of?

We should treat coworking like dating: anyone can look cool online, but you don’t know if they’re any good until you spend some time with them. Also relevant to the dating metaphor: coworking spaces may dress themselves up in designer clothes, but what counts is substance. For me, if the coworking space doesn’t have a welcoming and vibrant community, then what’s the point? After a couple of well-dressed disappointments, I eventually found a space that had a community of down-to-earth people I just clicked with. I’ve been coworking there for over two years and it definitely changed my life for the better. New York has more coworking spaces than nearly any other city in the world. Shop around.

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